Islands of Time
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Islands of Time


Islands of TimeInventario nº 319200 NEUQUE’N ISLANDS ARGENTINA, Archibo general de la nacion / Buenos Aires, Argentina


»Migration and cultural identity is a constantly unfolding process. When we look at history and its archives, are we able to recontextualize these traces for the present?«

Islands of Time is a long-term research trajectory that explores the relationships between the formulation of intangible feelings of belonging and the construction of geographical identity. The project attempts to transcend linear conceptions of time and instead approach issues such as memory and movement by considering past, present, and future as deeply entangled within a global geopolitical context. It examines collective memory and the archive as a representational construction with a view to weaving new historical textures. To do this, the project draws upon diasporic archives to develop a series of multidisciplinary visual/cinematic experimentations. It seeks to provide a vehicle for observing tangible and intangible migratory processes, mappings, and traces in relationship to borders and colonization, together with the economic and political forces that have imposed precarious labor conditions and attenuated other histories.

Under the support of the Miller-Zillmer Foundation of Berlin and Project Anywhere Program, this on-going trajectory includes on-site field research phases into different locations, which are all situated in geographical borders, borders of migration and/or political displacements:

  • Location 01– Memory as a form of resilience – El Boujdour Refugee camp (MA/WS), Western Sahara territories. In collaboration with Escuela de Formación Audiovisual Abidin Kaid Salehand and the Resistance Sahara Documentary by Sidal Ergüder – Zero state productions Ltd.
  • Location 02– On hope and inheritances – Genoa, Italy. In collaboration with: Associazione Culturale MIXTA, Divago Biennial Festival, Palazzo Ducale fondazione per la Cultura and Comitato Amici di Via del Campo.
  • Location 03– An Island as a bridge for memory – Salina, Aeolian Islands, Italy. In collaboration with Curator Elettra Bottazzi and Associazione Culturale Amanei, Salina – Aeolian Islands(IT).
  • Location 04– A land as a construct of memory – Dairoux, Argentina. In collaboration with Curator Renata Zas, Pablo Caligaris / La Ira De Dios, AOS Residency, Marcelo Huernos and MUNTREF – Museo de la Inmigración Buenos Aires.
  • Location 05– Seventeen minutes till paradise – Ventimiglia/Mentone, Italian/French border.
  • Location 06 – Echoes of leaving and returning – Viseu Dão Lafões region/Vouzela, Portugal.In collaboration with Binaural  Nodar – Associação Cultural de Nodar.


Islands of Time is part of the 2020/22 Global Exhibition Program / Project Anywhere, an exhibition model for art at the outermost limits of location-specificity. Project Anywhere works as a vehicle for illuminating artistic research and projects outside traditional exhibition circuits. At the cessation of Project Anywhere’s annual global exhibition program, all hosted projects were presented at Anywhere and Elsewhere’s biennial conference at Parsons Fine Art in New York City and published into ANYWHEREIV / Centre of Visual Art (University of Melbourne) and Parsons Fine Art (Parsons School of Design, The New School, New York).

Further info:



Islands of Time (still) – Intro presentation – Miller-Zillmer Foundation (2019/2021)


LIVING ARCHIVES (2017/2021) – Various sizes,

Installed study research view of collected “Living archives materials” found in Italy, Argentina, Canada, and Australia.


NOMADIC BORDERS – Performance photographic analogic documentation. El Boujdour Refugee camp / Western Sahara Territories (2020) 
– Plastic, dust, bones, desert rocks, rusted metal, and paper.(Personal archive)


ANYWHERE IV (Excerpts) – Publisched by the Centre of Visual Art (University of Melbourne) and Parsons Fine Art (Parsons School of Design, The New School, New York).