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TACHYONS  Double channel video installation – 17min 53sec [looped] – UNRESOLVED CATEGORY / Momo Gallery, Cape Town (RSA) (2019)


TACHYONS – Single/double-channel video installation – 17min 53sec [looped] (2016)

– 1740 Mixed media on paper painting set in stop-frame animation

Structured through a complicated net of experimentations, measures, and rigorous deductions; Science is, above all, composed of visions. Scientific methodologies feed on the ability to “see” things through, acknowledging the different status changes occurring between a realm and another. The success of a work of art is not evaluated solely within the strict limits of itself; it derives equally from its extension to all the individuals who have perpetuated its existence over time. The fluid flow of the years punctuates the concept of time itself. The participant observer’s figure, or more specifically, his presence over time, gives life to a story; without it, any character would omit to live and «impersonate.»

In quantum field theory, a Tachyon is used to describe a spontaneous symmetry breaking. In the hypothesis of a closed universe in a rotation, a body moving at a speed close to that of light could reach in another moment another system, merely traveling continuously in the same direction. In the video installation, the proposed elements attempt to recreate a balance between something very ordinary, projecting it into a representative dimension far from established patterns. This act of juxtaposition begins with an analysis based on the definition of the self and what acts as an unconscious machine in the production of subjectivity. The equilibrium dictated between the force of gravity and the movement stages a parallel dimension: a logical object is repeated and changes itself in a context of total absence of gravitational forces; without worrying about common sense or logic.



TACHYONS (frames captions) – 1740 Mixed media on paper painting set in stop-frame animation – 17min 53sec [looped] (2016)

TACHYONS – Single channel video installation – 17min 53sec [looped] – (Ri)Tornare / Palazzo Ducale, Genoa, Italy (2019)