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Niccolò Masini,born in Genoa 1989, is an Italian Multidisciplinary Artist and Illustrator.


« It is essential to know in order to belong. Knowledge can not necessarily only found in books. Certain learnings are to be engaged with in order to grasp, a knowledge of the world that one can gain through experience in order to identify, thus moving closer to and even becoming part of. To become one with its world. ». NM


Masini’s artworks lay in the realm of narrative and craft, but also poetry and anthropology. It guides both its creator and audience through an engaging narrative of methods, voices, views, and perspectives. Questioning the fundamentals and the hidden rules the concept of « culture », he draws his inspiration from literature, history, folklore, psychoanalysis, religion, anthropology or even simply daily life experiences.


For over ten years, Niccolò Masini has been working and studying within the international art scene as a freelance Illustrator, audiovisual artist, as well as a graphic and visual designer. He has worked for press, magazines, publishing houses, start-ups, theater, and many more environments uniting the creative and innovative minds. Masini thrives on collaborations, especially when confronting a multicultural and multidisciplinary coexistence. Many of his projects, past and present, involve collaborations with professionals outside his field of practice, permitting him to expand his concepts and knowledge of the world. Practicing on three continents, his work has been exhibited in countries such as Italy, the Netherlands, Australia, Canada, Argentina, and Japan.


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