Niccolò Masini | Il Ponte Rotto
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Il Ponte Rotto

  • HD Animated Documentary – 2019 (on-going project) 


    “What is Carnival? A ritual.
    What do you do when you see the characters of the Carnival? You participate. And where does this desire to participate come from? From your emotional world.” Enrico Chiossone


    It is essential to know in order to belong. Il Ponte Rotto is an anthropological animated documentary infiltrating Sardinian’s Culture and Identity. Using Carnaval, a ritual specific to the heart of the Barbaricinian’s island of Sardinia as a metaphor, the project questions the evolution of this land’s culture.


    It is inherent in the dynamic of rituals that they undergo a continual transformation over time. Through these rituals, Niccolò Masini found how the term culture should not always be linked to history. A ceremony should not be studied or lectured, on the contrary, it should be lived and passed on by all those people that are still keeping it alive. These rituals undoubtedly use an effigy, something that recalls the opportunity of being able to believe. What is it if not the need to believe in what we see? Knowledge does not necessarily have to be found in books; instead, it has to be experienced and dressed. As for masks during ceremonies and experiences transmitted orally by whom already did in the past, or eventually, by those who will live it in the future.


    Done by
    • Written Directed and Animated  Niccolò Masini
    • Sounds and Soundtracks – Giovanni Stimamiglio
    • Camera – Lorenzo Marcenaro
    • Assistant camera and interviews – Pietro Castelli
    • Translations – Giuseppe Cipriani


    In order of appearance:
    • Enrico ChiossonePsychotherapist
    • Mario CossuBitti’s Tenores Singer
    • Gianluigi PaffiDirector of Museum of the Mediterranean mask Mamoiada