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Villa Santa Lucia and Amaneï present – IL VIAGGIO ALLE EOLIE / JOURNEY TO THE AEOLIAN ISLANDS – May/July 2023, amaneï and Villa Santa Lucia, Aeolian Islands.

Born within the archives of Villa Santa Lucia – Lipari, “Journey to the Aeolian Islands” emerges as a collaborative endeavor between curator Elettra Bottazzi, archeologist Luana La Fauci, naturalist Pietro Lo Cascio, and artist Niccolò Masini. This exhibition, and its related extensive research, explores the Villa’s collection of historical texts chronicling journeys to and within the Aeolian Archipelago, stretching from 1783 to 1952. Before mass tourism transformed them, the Aeolian Islands and Sicily remained “unknown” lands for most Europeans until the 18th century. The project reunites a wide array of writings from geologists, botanists, geographers, archaeologists, painters, and curious observers, each contributing a unique perspective to the historical narrative. These diverse voices traverse distinct historical periods, offering a comprehensive view of the archipelago’s allure, mythological significance, and awe-inspiring volcanic phenomena.

For the exhibition, a video essay and a carefully arranged installation dialogues with specific volumes from the Villa’s collection. These texts, combined with thoughtfully selected object compositions, establish a tangible connection between time, disciplines, and interpretations.
Beyond being a mere journey through the pages of history, “Journey to the Aeolian Islands” highlights the contrast between wanderlust voyages in the past and the contemporary changes that have reshaped the Aeolian territory, offering a poignant glimpse into the shifting landscape of exploration, investigation, curiosity, and the emergence of tourism.

feat. Francesco Alliata, Tempest Anderson, Archduke Ludwig Salvator of Austria, Luigi Bernabò-Brea, Vitaliano Brancati, Emilio Cortese, Enrico d’Albertis, Deodat de Dolomieu, Norman Douglas, Vittorio Famularo, Charles Teophile Gaudin, Joanne Gussone, Guido Libertini, Fosco Maraini, Michele Lojacono-Pojero, Francesco Fausto Nitti, Enrico Pirajno di Mandralisca, Venturino Sabatini, Massimo Simili, William Henry Smyth, Lazzaro Spallanzani, Adolf von Pereira, Gaston Vuillier.