White Time
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White Time

  • Single-channel video installation
  • 2’ 28’’ [looped] (2018)


525 Mixed media on paper painting set in stop-frame animation


In his book The Globalization of Space, Michel Foucault theorized that a certain amount of ordinary moments in life are considered neither here nor there. Such spaces can be acknowledged as spaces for otherness, for some considered irrelevant, simultaneously physical and mental, such as the space occupied by a phone call or the moment when you see yourself in the mirror. These spaces of otherness are infinite, disposed on time-framed dimensions that inexorably pass through, with or without our consideration. Acting as a prelude to a subjective perception of a suspension in time, White Time is a rotoscope video installation where a simple figure stands in a not specific temporal dimension. Surrounded by the surface of the black screen, different elements interact with each other, mutating through the composition of an undefined spatial location. The experience of the traveler, consisting of a series of movements within space, producing a phenomenon of a new order, where geography overtakes knowledge. Our conception of spatiality shapes our perception of time and, on an individual scale, defines our way of perceiving movement. Similarly, spaces trace an inventory of the adventure of knowledge, omitting nothing; while knowledge traces a cartography of known lands, omitting nothing.