STAND – The Watermill Center – 30th Anniversary Celebration
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STAND – The Watermill Center – 30th Anniversary Celebration

STAND, The Watermill Center, New York (USA), 2022.

Founded in 1992 by Robert Wilson, The Watermill Center is an interdisciplinary laboratory for the arts and humanities situated on ten acres of Shinnecock ancestral territory on Long Island’s East End, offering year-round artist residencies and education programs. With an emphasis on creativity and collaboration, Watermill integrates contemporary artistic practice with resources from the humanities and research from the sciences to provide a global community with the time, space, and freedom to create and inspire.

STAND: The Watermill Center Annual Summer Benefit celebrates the work of international artists through an engaging and dynamic evening. Described as “an enchanted forest” and ”performance art extravaganza,” the Annual Summer Benefit unites the worlds of art, theatre, design, and fashion to raise funds in support of our year-round programming.

Featured artists included: Regina José Galindo (Guatemala), Elettra Bottazzi (Italy), Matthew Shipp (United States), Robson Catalunha (Brazil), Xu Zhen (China), Deniz Celebic (Turkey), Yeliz Celebic (Turkey), Nini Dognier (Mongolia), Laurent Le Gall(France), Liz Glynn (United States), Tsubasa Kato (Japan), Christopher Knowles (United States), Taeyi Lim (Korea), Ola Maciejewska (Poland), Niccolò Masini (Italy), Hollie Miller (United Kingdom), Robert Nava (United States), Adam Parker Smith (United States) and Vilim Poljanic (Croatia). Curated by Robert Wilson and Noah Khoshbin.