The Demystification of Creative Methodology, Vol I.
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The Demystification of Creative Methodology, Vol I.


June 3rd, 2017 , 14h00-17h30 @ La Boîte à Pois

▸▸ 14h00-15h00: Marketing yourself, applied to creatives and self-employed with Anne Isabelle Leonard

▸▸ 15h30-17h30: Introduction to Creative Methodology and Pattern Design with Niccolò Masini.

Join us on June 3rd for a double workshop on creative methodology and marketing. (Feel free to join for both or only one of them!)

Are you a creative looking for focus and/or tools to bring your work further into its process or further into the outside world? Come learn some tools in these two free workshops:


▶▶ MARKETING YOURSELF, applied to creatives and self-employed

Marketing is too often overlooked by many creatives and self-employed individuals. The reality is that even if you produce amazing work or offer great performances if you don’t take the time and the right tools to communicate about your work to others, your creation(s) won’t get the visibility you’ll be wishing for and those grants will probably fall through.

In this hour talk, you will be given tools on how, where and to who communicate to get that visibility you wish for your work and manage your efforts for grant applications.

After this workshop, you will be able to build a marketing plan. Bring a pen and paper to take notes!

Anne Isabelle Leonard is a visual artist and artistic director who has been working in the industry of Visual Arts and Culture for the past 3 years for many projects and galleries.


Want to know how to design a repeated pattern?
Take the mystery out of turning ideas into action. This two hours class gives is a straight talk about everything that matters (and everything that doesn’t) when you want to be productive and create.

Starting with an easy orientating lecture on creative methodology, image composition, and dynamic elements; the workshop will then move towards a first step approach on pattern design making. No computer or precedent creative experience required! This is a perfect introductory level class for every curious, musician, cook, crafter or whoever else looking to expand their existing or unexisting skills in pattern design and creativity. Niccolò Masini will guide you through an easy, fun and creative way of entering the endless world of pattern design making. Once you have your pattern, consider using it as digital desktop wallpaper, the print on your phone case or printed fabric, or even as inspiration for stationery. The possibilities are endless!


Link to the event: The Demystification of Creative Methodology, Vol I.

Both workshop will be given in English. (With possibility of some translation in French)

This event is located at La Boite A Pois: A small intentional community-based in downtown Montreal. They are focused on providing a space for the sharing of skills, ideas, and creative

Open for everyone, we look forward to seeing you!
Not accessible to wheelchair (3rd floor)

@ Boite à Pois, 1206 rue St-André, 14:00pm-17:30, Saturday 3rd of June.