Niccolò Masini | 52219682015
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  • Single-channel video and object installation
  • 17min 53sec [looped] (2016)


(Video) Projection on a vertical stretched frame
(Object) One hundred ninety-eight pieces of burned wood / 25 x 12cm


“ I do not like putting on paper details concerning my gestures. I prefer sharing my story from time to time to those who care to listen; Oral transmission and gesture cannot be written down in black and white. Together, those elements constitute the material allowing to meet anyone who wishes to enter a Master’s secret world. “


From my dialogues with Franco Sale – Mamojada 2016.


There are a certain amount of time-honored gestures that have no beginning and perhaps no end. A sea tornado is composed of rotating columns of air over water. This natural reaction combines material and immaterial elements, forming a single object in time and space. Using this metaphor as an act of enclosing, within a process of existential reproduction, could potentially initiate a dynamic process of self-disclosure towards space.


During this project, I lived for two months in close contact with an old Italian ceremonial mask carver, wondering together about the intersection of cultural heritage through generations. In this installation, I asked myself if it would be possible to physically recreate a dimension where past and future experiences are embodied. Created to eventually decompose, materiality oscillates between its embodiment and its formalization within a time-lapse experience. The result generated by these two elements is established when their meeting occurs within a specific time frame.


The true nature of an action lies in the extension of a shared experience between individuals. All involved parties are impersonated through the results of the resulting action, within a specific timeframe and space.