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Islands of Time is a long-term research trajectory that explores the relationships between the formulation of intangible feelings of belonging and the construction of geographical identity. The project attempts to transcend linear conceptions of time and instead approach issues such as memory and movement by


Alephs (video): Single-channel Video installation – 10min 32sec (2020) Alephs (Aerial satellite capture series): Satellite-view prints (details), 40x30cm (each)   “The Aleph? Yes, the only place on earth where all places are, seen from every angle, each standing clear, without any confusion or blending. I kept discovering to

Il Ponte Rotto

Single channel Animated Documentary – 8min 57sec [looped] (2016/2020)   “What is Carnival? A ritual. What do you do when you see the characters of the Carnival? You participate. And where does this desire to participate come from? From your emotional world.” Enrico Chiossone   It is essential to know

White Time

Single-channel video installation 2’ 28’’ [looped] (2018)   525 Mixed media on paper painting set in stop-frame animation   In his book The Globalization of Space, Michel Foucault theorized that a certain amount of ordinary moments in life are considered neither here nor there. Such spaces can be


Single-channel video and object installation 17min 53sec [looped] (2016)   (Video) Projection on a vertical stretched frame (Object) One hundred ninety-eight pieces of burned wood / 25 x 12cm   “ I do not like putting on paper details concerning my gestures. I prefer sharing my story from time to


Single/double-channel video installation 17min 53sec [looped] (2016)   1740 Mixed media on paper painting set in stop-frame animation   Structured through a complicated net of experimentations, measures, mathematics, and rigorous deductions; Science is above all composed by visions. Scientific thought feeds on the ability to "see" things differently than we